How to Power-Up your Power Position Statement

Power Position Statement

Many marketing people who monitor and measure our reading and buying habits agree on this:

Because of the fast pace of our ever-changing technology and our addiction to our cell phones and Social Media, we have all become afflicted with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  

Consider how we consume the news. It comes to us in headlines and in 3-second blips or sound bytes across our screens. Consequently, we give those who covet our attention 3 seconds of our time. And then we move on to the next message.  

Think about your website. Are the title and headline powerful enough to grab readers for longer than 3 seconds? When you tell people what you do, do they respond after 3 seconds that they want to hear more? 

Power Position Statement

Back to the News… 

If we like a headline, we will give another 30 seconds of our time to read through the first paragraph or two. Further, if we capture someone’s attention for 3 minutes, they are likely to become buyers or to “like” or “share” our article.  

Did my headline capture your attention? Did you read past my first paragraph and decide to proceed?  Are you still reading? Hopefully, you did because this is very important. Not only to you but also your success in reaching your niche market.  

By now, you should have a very clear Avatar of your niche market. This niche is the person to whom you are speaking when you talk about what you do for a living. Power Position Statement

When someone asks you “what do you do?” you will reply with your 10-11 word Power Position Statement. The said statement will tell that person who you help and the Result they get from working with you. 10 – 11 words!   


Power Position Statement Examples
  • “I help single women find men they’d want to marry” 
  • “I help single men learn how to be good life partners”  
  • “I help Coaches overcome “Analysis Paralysis” & build successful businesses”  
  • “I help HR candidates learn how to become management material”  

Do you see the pattern? “I help WHO achieve what RESULT”. By the way, the RESULT is what they want so badly. So badly, they will throw their money at you to help them get it.

Your 10-11 word Power Position Statement is the HOOK that captures people’s interest and makes them want more. Hence, you want to get reactions like “Wow, that sounds interesting!” or “How do you do that?”

Power Position Statement

Then, follow it up with your 30-second message (AKA your Elevator Pitch). This message will let them know that you are the most uniquely qualified person there is, to help your niche get the RESULT they are dying to get.  

Power Position Statement

Elevator Pitch Examples:
  • “Most single women know what they don’t want to marry and I help them identify behaviours & values they do want to see in others. That way, they don’t waste time dating the wrong men.” As a Relationship Coach, I have helped countless women find lifelong partners” 
  •  “As a married woman for 25 years, I know what women want in a good life partner. I help men understand the woman’s perspective in a relationship”  
  • “As a Recovering Perfectionist, I know how dangerous the negative stress from perfection and procrastination can be. I have written a book about the Top 10 Strategies to overcome it and put it together into a coaching business building program called “FasTrack for Coaches – Simple 3-Steps To Success”  
  • “As an HR Manager for 20 years, I guide new HR professionals to a competent skillset level that will make them prime candidates for promotion” 

Power Position Statement





I hope this blog inspires you to create, or possibly even update your Power Position Statement. If so, please post it in the comments. I would love to see it. And maybe it will inspire me as well.

Power Position Statement

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