How Positive Thinking Can Dramatically Boost Your Product Sales

positive thinking

When you are surfing social media, you frequently run into posts about negative sales associates or food and beverage workers with a poor attitude. Chances are, you have entered a store and noted the bored and unmotivated sales associate leaning against the counter.

It is at times like this, you decide to either look for someone who is happy to be in their job. Or to just take a deep breath and deal with the negative person. In some cases, you may just back out and head the other way.

When you have products to sell, either for a company you work for or a company you own, thinking positive and acting positively will pump up those sales.

Since you are not a complainer, you deal with customers in a positive way. Even if things don’t work out, they will still appreciate you. They may come back later. Or perhaps, talk to others about the positive experience they did have. This may send leads your way.

Be nice and complimentary and people are sure to sing your praises. This leads to referrals and repeat business from that customer. Remember the saying, “At the end of the day, people might not remember what you said or did. They will always remember the way you made them feel”. (Maya Angelou)

Setting Goals with Positive Thinkingpositive thinking

When you have positive thinking, you are motivated to achieve not only sales goals but to spread the word about you and your company. You will go the extra mile, which means getting up early and preparing for the sales day. Once you are at work, you will look for ways to excel and go overboard, treating customers like gold, even if they don’t buy from you.

Your attitude will transfer to any staff you have and when they see you are motivated to be the best they will want to jump on board. Your focus on being number one will be motivation to everyone around you and chances are customers will want to use you as an example for their own workplace.

The person with positive thinking is flexible in difficult situations.

When customers are demanding, instead of getting upset and saying, “I cannot do that or that is impossible,” positive people respond with empathy. For example, “that’s interesting. We have never done that for you, but I value our relationship, so let me find a way to make it work.”

Customers appreciate it when someone goes above and beyond. Someone who is willing to think outside the box to make it happen. Furthermore, flexibility means that although you have a system, you are of the right mindset to set aside a goal for a moment and work on a problem.

You are happy to problem-solve and be creative. Once you have solved a problem, you are able to jump right back on the goal or task you were working on… Without complaining and losing focus.

One of your best clients tells you their business is being sold or they are retiring…. Your positive thinking will allow you to feel gratitude. Additionally, you will be happy that you had the opportunity to be of service. And now with all your experience, you can easily find one or two new anchor clients.

positive thinking

In fact, when you have such positive thinking, it is easy to get testimonials that sing your praise. People will flock to do business with you, making you the “go-to,” person in your field.

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