Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Life


Do you ever look at someone who always seems to be positive, no matter what the situation is and wonder, how do they do that? The simple thing to do is ask them.

You can transform your life, by finding people who have what you want and modeling what they did to achieve it. This goes for losing significant amounts of weight to overcoming depression.

Positive people have strategies to quickly transform a negative emotion to a positive one.

The main principle and idea behind modeling is understanding the behaviors, strategies, beliefs and both external/external language of the person you intend to model. What words, phrases, and tones do they use when they speak? What sort of questions do they ask of themselves, to move higher up in positive thinking? Emotional states are very important.

Find out what range of emotions they have during a day. Do they ever succumb to anger, if so how and why? Then find out how they dissolve the anger and how quickly can they do it. Positive people do experience intense emotions, but they have strategies to quickly transform a negative emotion to a positive one.

Modeling Positive PeopleTransform

When you model people, you find out how they think and react to situations. People who are optimistic about how life really can show you the way. Optimistic people have a very powerful mindset about being and staying positive. You may wonder how to model a positive mindset. It is best if you can find a person that you can ask questions of and then model what they believe. It is also possible to do it with someone you do not know but have great admiration for.

For example, “The Rock,” Dwayne Johnson is known for having a positive mindset and achieving goals. To model him or someone similar, you would research and then write down everything you could find out about how they think. How do they react when the going gets tough? Do they use anything like meditation or Neurolinguistics programming to strengthen their mind? Were they always positive thinkers and if not, specifically what did they do to transform their mindset?

You may think that modeling The Rock is something that might be difficult because you are still working on cultivating your positive mindset and seeing a picture of his muscular body might have you doubting yourself. If so, you need to stop right now and tell yourself there are people from all walks of life who have a positive mindset.

Transformation Has No Limits

Look at Ted which features many speakers with ironclad positive mindsets. Sean Stephenson, whose parents were told he would not survive the first 24 hours of his birth, is a fine example. He is confined to a wheelchair and very happy at age 35.


Your age does not define your mindset. You could be 50 years old and struggling with finding a positive attitude. Think about Dr. Harlan Van Over, who started taekwondo in his fifties and now at the age of 94, continues to study and practice. When he was asked how it is possible to do taekwondo at age 94, he told people that his body wanted to say no but his mindset said yes. Dr. Over states that he has a very positive mindset and he is able to use it, to make his body respond.

Your mindset is everything, it doesn’t matter if you are overweight, very shy or are confined to a bed. Transform your mind and with your positive mindset, you can still find ways to transform your life.


Transformation requires a change in 3 areas:
Self-Awareness – the ability to see yourself differently. 
Personal Beliefs – the ability to let go of limiting beliefs that don’t serve you well.
Behaviours – the ability to transform negative, toxic habits into positive ones.


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