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Strategy Sessions 

In my 15 years’ experience to date as a Trainer/Mentor Coach, I have helped new, professional coaches earn their certification in the areas of the coaching core competencies as well as learning business start-up and growth and marketing a coaching business.

I have found hesitancy in some to conduct these strategy sessions. Consequently, they don’t know how to ask someone to have a strategy session with them, their fears hold them back. Furthermore, they don’t want to “sell themselves”, they hate selling, etc., etc.

In this blog series, I have provided some potential dialogues coaches might have with prospective clients, from the invitation to the close. Coaches are all different individuals, with varying skill-sets and comfort levels. Therefore, some of the dialogue might sound simplistic to some, and others might sound uncomfortable for others.

Sample Sessions

Coaches, always speak your own truths and be your authentic selves.

The dialogues in these pages are not written in stone. They are designed to be helpful starters for you. So, if you like and feel comfortable with the way something is worded, then use it. Perhaps, you need to edit what is written so that it sounds like your voice. Then make it your own.

REMEMBER – Design your strategy sessions scripts or outlines for yourself.  Don’t just “wing it”. Put it in your own voice and practice it until you feel comfortable and it sounds friendly and conversational.  Otherwise, it will sound like a sales pitch instead of what it is – an offering of help/service and relationship-building.

When meeting someone new, whether it’s at a networking meeting or if you’re at a back-yard BBQ or a cocktail party:

If they ask you what you do for work, tell them your HUB statement followed by your 30-second Elevator Pitch.  Further, answer their questions and engage with them for a few minutes.

Then, turn the conversation around and make it about them.

 Ask them:
  • “Tell me about you – what do you do?”
  • “What would you want me to tell people about you and your business?”
  • “What might you be missing now in your business and/or your personal life that if you had it, would put a great big smile on your face (make you happy, etc.)?
  • “What would have to change/be different, in order for that to happen?”
Tell them:Sample Sessions
  • “This is what I do! I help people get rid of anxiety, stress and worry over their challenges by helping them to get the RESULTs They Want! I own my own coaching business. Coaching is a co-creative, collaborative process. It provides clarity, focus and on-going support for you your dreams, goals & challenges”
  • “It would be my pleasure to give you (15 – 90 minutes – coach’s choice) of my time. Free of charge, no strings…To talk with you about what’s working in your life and what’s not and help you work out a plan for your goals and getting that great big smile on your face!”

“If you would please give me one of your business cards, I’m going to write your “want” on the back of it. I have a lot of contacts and resources. When I get back to my office, I’ll check to see if I have anything or anyone that could be of help to you” 

“In the meantime, I would love it if we could set up an appointment time for us to talk by phone. Or in-person if you prefer? Perhaps I could take you for lunch or coffee now if we both have the time. Or maybe later this week”


When you’re networking and write a “want” on the back of someone’s business card, ALWAYS do 3 things with the card when you return to your office.  Especially if you do not have an appointment with them for a future exploration sample sessions.

  1. Put that person’s contact information into your database for your list
  2. Go through your resources and contact list to see if you have any resources that might be of use to that person (books, articles, audios/      videos, names and contact info, ezines, blogs, etc.)
  4. If you find anything helpful (even if you don’t have anything of your own on hand, try Googling the problem yourself and finding some resources (preferably not another Coach). Send it off to them electronically or call them. Let them know you have of interest to them and arrange to meet with them.

Sample Sessions

You can write or say something like:

 “It was so nice meeting you at the Networking (or Name) Event last night/the other night. I remember that you mentioned you wanted (what). I did look through my resources and came up with [e.g. An eBook]. This looks like it might be interesting for you. I’m emailing the details to the address on your card. I hope you’ll find it useful/helpful”.

If you didn’t find anything that you can offer by way of a resource or tool, you can still say or write something like:

“It was so nice meeting you at the event the other night. I remember that you wanted (what) and I did look through my resources and contacts for you. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come up with anyone/anything right now. However, I will keep looking. I was wondering if we could arrange a time to talk or meet (have coffee or lunch?). This way I can learn a little bit more and clarify for myself exactly what it is that you’re wanting”.

After either “A” or “B”, you’d probably be able to book a strategy session with them.

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