It’s Time to Stop Procrastinating…

BUILD Your DREAM Coaching Business Now!

With Nan Einarson, CTACC, ICFACC, Life & Business Coach

I help Type-A Coaches overcome perfection and/or procrastination, meet or exceed their next-level business goals, and still have time for family, friends and fun.

  • Do you want to take your coaching business to the next level?
  • Did you think you’d be further ahead than you are now?
  • Do you need clarity to ensure you take the right actions to market
  • and grow your business?
  • Do you have tons to do and you don’t know where to start?
  • Are things piling up around you, and you’re pulled in a dozen different directions,
  • making you feel frustrated, short-tempered, inadequate?
  • Do Type-A, perfectionist tendencies hold you back from getting the number of 
  • clients you want, or from creating group events?
  • Does procrastination create stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other health issues?

 Do you see yourself making one of these mistakes?

Provide your name and email address in the box on the right NOW, and receive the Top 3 Mistakes That Perfectionist Coaches Make That Suck the Profits Right Out of Your Business!

You might feel like you and your business are drifting, stalling, not achieving your expectations. I am a recovered Perfectionist and Procrastinator with 12 years experience as a successful, CTA Certified Coach entrepreneur.  And, as a Trainer/Mentor Coach with CTA (Coach Training Alliance) I have personally trained and certified almost 700 coaches, not only in masterful coaching skills, but also in business start-up and growth, and marketing a coaching business skills.

Download the  free guide and go from wanting a next-level coaching business, but feeling frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed and stuck to actively making your next-level coaching business a reality, feeling confident, successful and in control- Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

And schedule an appointment NOW, on the Scheduler in the bottom right corner,  for a complimentary “Get Up Off Your ASSets” Exploration/Strategy Session, and I’ll send you a complete list of the “Top 10 Strategies for Type-A Coaches to Overcome Perfection and/or Procrastination” for free!

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Learn the Top 3 Mistakes Procrastinating Coaches Make

Nan Einarson, CTACC, ICFACC, Mentor Coach

certified-coach-cta          As Featured On EzineArticles

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, Dominican University of California has conducted a study which “provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment, and writing down one’s goals”

If you have the commitment, I will help you use the other two tools, and by working together, you will get the results you’ve always wanted from your coaching business. ~Nan

Contact me at, call and leave a message for me at 1-289-878-5765, or use the scheduler on this site to book a complimentary 45-60 minute “Get Up Off Your ASSets” Exploration/Strategy Session.

Do it NOW!  Don’t Procrastinate!!  This is the transformation you have been waiting for!!!  BOOK NOW!

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