How I Help Perfectionists to Avoid Procrastination

I help new Coaches to avoid Procrastination & Perfectionism and jump-start their coaching businesses, sign up clients and increase income.

Perfectionists often find themselves in positions of overwhelm and confusion about how to start launching their businesses. Because they can’t start, they don’t start – they participate in the art of procrastination.

And the more they procrastinate, the more they worry, and the more anxious and stressed they get. Thus, all of that anxiety and stress creates emotional and physical symptoms. Such as headaches, sore necks, stiff muscles, stomach aches, and pains, etc.

So what should perfectionists do to avoid procrastination? I found 7 ways that helped:

1. There’s an old joke that goes – “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One spoonful at a time!” It’s the same way you break the big tasks down into one small baby step at a time! No decision is permanent. You can make your business look any way you want it to, and CHANGE it whenever you feel like it.

2. One of the biggest changes is to Let Go of Attachment and become Open to Outcome! Results that are different from the expected outcome are not failures. They are just different! When one is open to outcome/open to possibilities, there could be a number of excellent potential outcomes.

3. Give yourself PERMISSION to do the very best you can, in any given situation. Forget perfectionism, and strive for excellence, and let excellence be enough! You can never do more than your very best! Believe that you are enough and that you deserve everything you want, in abundance, and you will attract.

4. Look at mistakes not as failures, as OPPORTUNITIES instead (for learning and growth). What’s the upside to crying, worrying and getting upset over mistakes? NONE! The upside shows up after we take the learning from the error. So we don’t repeat the mistake. With this mindset, the fear of making mistakes is eliminated.

5. Remember to put yourself in control. There are some things we cannot control. For instance, whatever others will demand of us, will think of us, the tools we will have to work with, or the deadlines that are imposed on us. The only control we have is our reaction to those impositions.

We can choose to:

    • be victimized by them
    • feel demeaned by them
    • feel like failures because we didn’t measure up
    • feel afraid to even try, and to be paralyzed by indecision and fear.


    • We can choose to do our best despite them, and be proud of whatever outcomes we produce.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to RELEASE ourselves – from being too hard on ourselves, from having unrealistic expectations of ourselves, and from blaming ourselves for not achieving perfection.
  • Celebrate ALL of your accomplishments, no matter how small!
  • Give yourself permission to be PROUD of yourself. Expand your self-confidence by celebrating YOU – all that you are and all that you do! By setting intentions to:
    • take small, logical steps
    • be open to the outcome
    • give yourself permission to be excellent
    • look at mistakes and difficulties as opportunities
    • put yourself in control and be kind to yourself
    • celebrate successes along the way
    • be proud of your achievements and who you are

You have the power to avoid procrastination and be victorious over it. And put perfectionism behind for good.

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