Positive ThinkerWhat happens when you ask people if they are a negative or positive thinker? Well, most likely the positive thinker will respond with a smile before saying, “absolutely, I’m positive!”  

Those who are unsure, or who know they are full of negativity will probably pause and think for a moment before answering, “I’m not sure” or “yes, I’m negative but it’s not my fault I’m this way.” 

There are online quizzes that people can take to see where they stand on this question. For today, let’s discuss the positive thinker vs the negative, to help you see if you need to start making changes today. 

A positive thinker will roll out of bed and even if somehow, they are late, they won’t let it start their day off with a negative overtone. Henceforth, they will just acknowledge it happened and move forward with energy.

The negative thinker will grumble and rush around, making mistakes, and telling themselves that this day is going to suck. Therefore, they should just stay in bed.  

Positive ThinkerAs the positive thinker starts their day, they might do some exercise or meditation and then eat a healthy breakfast. Additionally, they want to stay in shape and because of their mindset, they rarely get sick. And, if they do, therecover quickly, because of their constant, positive state of mind.   

Negative thinkers, at the start of the day, may tell themselves that the day is a waste. Really, there’s no sense making breakfast. So, they just end up sitting in a long line waiting for a breakfast sandwich or a donut and coffee.

The negative thinker hops in the car and feeling dragged out, mumble that perhaps they are getting the flu and staying in bed would be better choice. When they do get sick, it happens to them more often than to their positive friends and family members. Sadly, it often takes them a long time to get over an illness. Also, they tend to suffer from a fair amount of anxiety and depression. The clouds over their heads are always black.  

The Negative vs. Positive Thinker as Leaders

Positive People are Leaders You will frequently find them working hard at their jobs, striving for excellence and moving up in the world. They make good decisions in their workplace, are confident that they can overcome obstacles, and thrive on challenges. A positive thinker takes full responsibility for the job and has no problem holding themselves accountable. 

A negative thinker hopes that they will not be called on at work to do anything outside their normal tasks and frequently will make themselves as invisible as possible.   

Unfortunately, negative people don’t make good decisions or have any awareness that they are a liability to the company. Therefore, cloaking themselves becomes a part of their job. When they are called out, they usually point the finger and say things like, “well it’s not my job or John never showed me how to do that. It’s John’s fault that order was processed wrong.” Consequently, they take no responsibility for errors. 

Positive ThinkerA Positive Thinker Sees the Bigger Picture

They understand big issues in their immediate circles and in the world itself. Yet that doesn’t stop them from being optimistic that things can change, and that they can be a leader in achieving change. They radiate positive energy, and this is frequently passed on to others who come close to them. Moreover, they are beacons of hope for those who are unsure of what the future holds.   

Quite the contrary, the negative thinker is a deep pit of negative thoughts and emotions and the toxicity of their negativity makes others want to avoid them. They don’t have to stay this way, once they learn they can change and be the type of person that others admire. Furthermore, they just need to acknowledge it and then do the work.  


Transformational change comes from changes in Self-Awareness, Personal Beliefs, and Behaviours. 

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