7 Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset,

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Having a positive mindset sometimes means making changes in the way you think and react to situations in your life. Getting some tips on how to finally achieve that positive mindset, will have you planning and executing that plan with precision.

Here are 7 great tips to add a positive mindset to your toolbox:


1. You are responsible for everything in your life and that includes your behavior.

When life deals you a terrible hand of cards and things look bleak, remember you are not a victim. In that regards, you shouldn’t act like one and look for others to blame. Telling yourself and others that life is unfair will only increase more of what you are getting. Instead, take responsibility and tell yourself that things happen. And that you will deal with it in a positive way and learn from the situation.

2. End your night and start your day with positive affirmations.

You have lots of time to tell yourself that you are amazing, cool and a real go-getter who lets nothing get them down. Additionally, do positive affirmations every time you visit the place with a big mirror. Yes, the washroom is a little sanctuary. So, while you are taking a shower, you can sing your affirmations. Look yourself in the eyes, in the mirror, while you shave or put on makeup. Then say your affirmations with conviction.

3. You have to spend time with positive people.

If you have a roommate that is negative, you need a new roommate. Or spend quality time at the library or meet-ups. Furthermore, cull your circle of personal friends and social media buddies on a frequent basis. Always look for ways to add more positive people into your life as it will be a great asset to your positive mindset.

7 Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset,

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4. Build a positive material library.

Either with physical books or books that you get from sites like Amazon. Ebooks are great in that you can read them on a device or in the Amazon Cloud and your library of positive material is just a click away.

Put away that music in your car or devices and listen to motivational and self-development material. Moreover, the perfect time to exercise your brain and have it grow with learning is when you are commuting or exercising.

5. Get your S.M.A.R.T goals written today and create SMART Action Steps that will achieve them.

Then take action immediately! When you have goals that are clear with a timeline for reaching them, your brain sees a target and will aim for the bullseye. Goals and Action Steps will give you clarity and focus for what you are going to achieve in your life. Following them will make you feel positively successful.

6. Being kind and considerate to others costs absolutely nothing.

In fact, it is a major bargain because when you give of yourself and praise others, you raise your level of positivity. Seeing a wide smile on a person’s face, even a total stranger, will give you a boost of the “happy juice.’ Start looking today for any chance you have to be a smile maker.

7. You want to be kind to others.

Though it may seem like an effort. Especially if you aren’t taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Put good food and lots of water into your body and then exercise it like crazy. Put those positive thoughts into your head and drive any depression, anger or lack of motivation out of your brain. When you are taking full care of yourself, it will be extremely beneficial for your mindset.

7 Tips toAchieve a Positive Mindset,

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