Open To Outcome, Open DoorDo you know what it means to me, to be Open To Outcome?

It means FREEDOM. Freedom from connection to perfection.

When I was connected to outcome, I had an expectation of a perfect outcome. Anything that deviated from my expected outcome was failure. Failure meant I was a failure. Period. Therefore, I hated being a failure. I would do anything to ensure that I achieved my expected outcome.

Additionally, the stress of that drive, to always achieve expected outcomes, nearly killed me. It broke me physically, emotionally and mentally.

Being broken doesn’t mean you have to stay broken, though. We can heal from physical, emotional and mental breaks. I did. Although there are some remnants, reminders of my silliness. Reminders like scars, arthritis, memories, and lessons. Lots and lots of lessons.

Open To Outcome was one of the first lessons I learned. It was a mindset shift that was so illuminating. Hence, this was a real epiphany for me. Being open to outcome allowed me to let go of the need for outcome to be perfect. Letting go of negative beliefs that don’t serve me well. This was one of the first steps in the transformational change I have made in my life.

It meant accepting that chaos is a part of life. Even the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can make change normal, yet unpredictable. Accordingly, I opened up my mind to new beliefs and I changed my habits to imprint my new beliefs.

Open To Outcome, Stickie notesLessons Learned:
  • I accept that perfection is unattainable
  • I am not a failure because of imperfect outcomes
  • Deviations and variations can bring unpredictable opportunities and resources that can even improve outcomes
  • Change is inevitable and is not something to fear
  • FEAR is not something to fear – we give it life when we let it block us unnecessarily
  • Repeated new actions over time create the new neuropathways and new, healthy habits

FEAR (False Events Appearing Real)

Fear occurs when we believe a lie we tell ourselves. We think up what might/could happen. Then we believe it so fully we react as though it’s true. Consequently, we then actually FEEL worried and afraid. We experience the physical, emotional and mental realities. Realities of an event that hasn’t even happened yet.

  • When we experience fear, we can look for the lie we are believing. Unfortunately, we then name the truth that is the exact opposite of the lie. When our actions and behaviours are directed by the truth, rather than the lie, we experience transformational change.
  • When I am Open To Outcome there is no need to fear anything. A missed deadline, an unanticipated result, and imperfection can all be changed and resolved.
  • I don’t have to know everything or have all of the answers. It’s a gift I give to myself.
  • I can explore an unpredicted, unanticipated event without letting fear misdirect me. I try to extract the emotion I give to an event and examine the fear, rather than let emotions randomly drive my actions.
  • I always strive to be excellent at whatever I do. Sometimes, elements interfere with my intentions and I have learned that that doesn’t make me a failure.

Phew! What a relief! I am enough as I am! Always Open To Outcome and ready to embrace whatever I attract to help me be the best self I can be and live my best life. Consequently…I love my life!

Open To Outcome, Vespa

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