ABOUT ME: I am Nan Einarson, recovered perfectionist and former procrastinator.

In 2004, I obtained life coach certification from Coach Training Alliance (CTA), along with the skills to start my own coaching business and market to potential coaching clients. I began to grow my business, was invited to join the CTA faculty, and began teaching their Coach Certification Programs in 2006. It’s now more than 10 years later, and I am grateful to have personally mentored & certified almost 1,000 coaches from all over the world – teaching them the skills to be great coaches, with ICF certified core coaching competencies, along with the skills to start, market, manage and grow their coaching businesses.

Before coaching, I spent more than 30 years in the Not-For-Profit sector, in Training and Management roles, and in the final twelve years, as an Executive Director. During those years, my job was very stressful – 10 years on-call 24/7 for crisis and suicide intervention and support. Plus, I was the “go-to” person for everyone with a problem – staff, volunteers, colleagues, family, friends, my kids’ friends, etc.

As an A-type perfectionist, I ignored the signs and symptoms of stress and held onto my steadfast belief that I could push through anything because I had to get things right. It became acutely obvious my perfectionism almost killed me when I woke up in the ER being prepped for emergency surgery. My family was in shock as they were told I had a slim chance of survival. My immediate realization, seeing the pain in their faces, was just how selfish I had been. Yes, selfish. To work and give to such a degree in order to quench my insatiable need for approval was no longer an acceptable option for me. And it shouldn’t be for you either. I will give you the tools to ensure it doesn’t.

I took a year healing physically and emotionally, and dug into learning the secrets of overcoming perfectionism and procrastination. It has since become my mission to educate as many people as I can with what I’ve learned and experienced, so no one ever has to suffer the way my family and I did. Doing what you love, what you are driven to do should never come at a cost like that! I will share those secrets with you in my program.

Once I recovered fully, I shifted gears and received my Diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting. I did radio and TV commercials and for me, it was fun, but not fulfilling. I came to realize my life belonged in doing something that came completely naturally to me. Coaching. Something I had been doing all along and didn’t even know it. I learned that I could earn a living from it, and that as an entrepreneur, I had a chance to work helping and benefitting others, and fulfilling my life’s purpose.

And now, I am living a fun, meaningful, and balanced life – one I’ve always dreamed about!

Neuroscience has taught us that the brain CAN be retrained – that toxic, old habits CAN be replaced, by newer and healthier ones. I want to help Coaches with toxic perfection and/or procrastination habits to benefit from my personal experiences and learning, and to love their lives, doing what they were born to do – helping others to lead better lives. I want my clients to live fun, fulfilling, balanced lives, too – lives and businesses they have always dreamed about! 

Hi Coaches –

I am SO excited to roll out this Signature Program, which I developed just for you –

BUILD Your DREAM Coaching Business

I hear from coaches in every one of my CTA Coach Certification Course classes that perfectionism and /or procrastination really holds them back from moving toward their dreams in ways that would really feed their souls.

I know that there is a need for retrieving that sense of control and self-satisfaction. I have felt the pain of pushing harder and harder to attain a goal, and feeling totally inadequate for the task. Not because of lack of skill or talent or motivation, because of fear that it won’t be good enough – it won’t be perfect, and therefore, I would be a failure.

I have felt the fears that come from needing to be liked and respected, that only the quality of your work defines the person that you are. Of course, I now know that that thinking is total BS! But I believed that BS and felt those fears for 50 years, a lifetime, before I came to feel confident about myself!

People have always told me that I am a very special person. For years, I resisted that feedback. It was too hard for me to accept something that positive and powerful about myself. I suspect that many of you understand how easy it is to believe and accept negative feedback and self-talk, and how difficult to accept the positives. You feel like a fraud – that someday, someone will find out that you are somehow fooling the world with your imperfect actions and products.

I have to tell you – today, I know that there is something special about me and about the way that I inspire and motivate people! I am a teacher – destined to help others who struggle with finding their own way. I’m proud of that, and I lean into it now, instead of running away from it.

The first thing I’d like to know is – does my mission speak to YOU? Are you one of those coaches who are dragging your feet, afraid to jump into what could be the greatest life adventure, the biggest, most self-satisfying journey you’ve ever attempted?

Do you want to stop the hesitation, the fear, the continual second-guessing about every decision? If so, then sign up for a 90-minute complimentary session with me! It’s called the “Put Perfectionism and/or Procrastination Behind You, So You Can Get Up Off Your ASSets, Focus On Your DREAM Coaching Business, and GET IT DONE” Breakthrough Session! (That’s a Value of $800 – FREE!). I have posted more details below.

I’d also like to know, do you know anyone else who might be struggling with perfectionism and/or procrastination – someone else who could use the guidance, accountability, and support from someone who has been there, knows the path, and wants to share it with compassion? 

If you do, PLEASE tell them about my work. I work with coaches all over the world. I know I can help.

With love, and excitement for your possibilities –

Nan   – Life is Great!


Invitation to the 90-Minute, Free “Put Perfectionism and/or Procrastination Behind You, So You Can Get Up Off Your ASSets, Focus On Your DREAM Coaching Business, and GET IT DONE” Breakthrough Session!

I have set aside 6 spaces in the month of March especially for you. (There are 5 left now) People have been raving about the experience and it’s the kind of thing that can change your life. 

In the session you will:

  • Create a sense of clarity about your perfectionism and/or procrastination;
  • Learn the #1 thing stopping you from putting these toxic behaviours behind you;
  • Identify the most powerful action to take to stop struggling with your mindset and your goals;
  • Discover the essential strategies for getting in control of your “p and/or p”;
  • Complete the session with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to feel totally comfortable and in control with perfectionism and/or procrastination, through my Build Your DREAM Coaching Business program

Contact me to book your space. You can email me – neinarson@cogeco.ca, call me at 289-878-5765, or go to my website – https://www.icoachthecoaches.com

When you sign up for one of these time slots, I’ll send you the reminder list: “The Top 10 Ways that A-type, Perfectionist Coaches can put Perfectionism and/or Procrastination Behind Them”.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you –




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