Overcome Perfection & Procrastination

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You’re probably here because you’re just like how I used to be – always stressed about deadlines, always worried that I wouldn’t be able to get things done perfectly, working practically around the clock, and often at the point of just giving up.

You might feel like you are overwhelmed by the number of things you have to do, that are piling up. You feel frustrated and angry with yourself because you can’t decide where to even begin. You need clarity to ensure you’re taking the right steps to lead to success for your business.

And, you’re feeling physical effects from the stress – headaches, stomach pains, interrupted sleep, muscle aches & pains, etc.

Sound familiar?




I am so glad that you are here, and that today is the day you’ve decided to give up perfection and procrastination.

Well, the good news is that those unhealthy, hurtful behaviours can be changed, as long as you are committed to change and are willing to do the work required to create new habits.

After much emotional and physical damage resulting from almost 60 years of perfectionism and procrastination, I am proud to call myself a Recovered Perfectionist and Procrastinator.

In this book, I will be sharing the secrets and tools I learned during my long, life-endangering experience. If I can save at least one person from having to endure what I put myself through, then I’ll be happy.

I hope you will enjoy this journey, as you learn the Top 10 Overcome Perfection and Procrastination – The Top 10 Strategies for Type-A Coaches

Strategies for Type-A Coaches to overcome perfection and/or procrastination.

Even if you’re not a coach, the information and exercises in this book can help you to move forward toward your goals.

I would love to hear some of your challenges and wins. Please share your success stories with me. Fondly,

Nan – Recovered Perfectionist and Procrastinator

Nan Einarson, CTACC,
Business Transformation Coach
Creator of “Next-Level Coaching Business System”

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