1 Initial “Kick Your Assets Into Action” Pre-Module Session:

  • Your success in following this System is dependent on you having what it takes to succeed

Module 1:  A Next-Level Goal Without A Plan is Just a Wish

  • You must be crystal clear on your ideal client, solidify your elevator pitch, and identify and prioritize your goals, to develop clear plans of action for moving forward

Module 2:  Next-Level Time Keeps on Turnin’ – Use It Wisely

  • You will learn how to eliminate negative stress from your life, by applying the 80/20 Principle and effective scheduling techniques. You’ll be working smarter, not harder

Module 3:  Make Your Next-Level Networking Work

  • You want to network for two reasons – it’s not about selling

Module 4:  Next-Level Marketing – Irresistible Message + Inspired Marketing

  • You need to craft the message you want your tribe to see, including a call to action.  You must make them see you and appreciate you as the Expert

Module 5:  Next-Level Sales Without Selling

  • Overcome your fear of selling and become a client magnet and conversion specialist – a closing machine

Module 6:  Celebrate Next-Level Successes

  • Taking time to measure success and focus on the positives of your personal and business growth helps you to transition to the next phase of your continuing growth 


NOTE:   This program combines handouts, checklists, assessments, worksheets, workbooks, scripts, audios, emails and private coaching time with Nan.

Right now, get your calendar and go to the Scheduler in the bottom right corner, and schedule an appointment for a 45-60 minute complimentary “Get Up Off Your ASSets” Exploration/Strategy phone Session with me, and I’ll send you a complete list of the “Top 10 Strategies for Type-A Coaches to Overcome Perfection and/or Procrastination”.  I’m holding 6 spots open for the month of May for these sessions.  

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