BIG BANG BENEFIT: You’ll be doing the fulfilling work you got into this business to do in the first place – helping people, and serving your clients as your authentic self. You’ll make more money, because you will be working your business properly, and in addition, you’ll get to enjoy the things in life that bring you happiness, all at the same time!


 1 initial “Kick Your ASSets Into Action” PRE-MODULE Session:

Your success in following this Model is dependent on you having what it takes to succeed

During a 1-1 ½ hr telephone Session, we’ll explore the following, to get you prepared for SUCCESS:

  • Mindset for Success – includes: Define Success: Self-Esteem; Motivation / Tenacity; Positive Attitude (Law of Attraction) – are you committed enough?
  • Professionalism – Image: Clothing, Confidence, Conduct – are you ready to be a professional?
  • Perfection and/or Procrastination – EBook – “Overcome Perfection and Procrastination – Top 10 Strategies For Type-A Coaches”, to help you overcome self sabotage behaviours throughout the entire program
  • Self Care – Why, What, When – Plan for stamina and success

Pre-Module Session Includes:

  • Mindset for Success Handout
  • Professionalism Quiz
  • EBook – “Overcome Perfection and Procrastination – Top 10 Strategies for Type-A Coaches” 80-page Workbook
  • Self-Care Handout
  • Cognitive Distortion List



MODULE 1: “A Next-Level Goal Without A Plan is Just A Wish”

You must be crystal clear on your ideal client...

You must be crystal clear on your ideal client, solidify your elevator pitch, and identify & prioritize your goals, to develop clear plans of action for moving forward.

 (a)   “Describe Your Tribe / Know Your Niche” Phone Session
 (b)   “Goals & Priorities” Phone Session

Module 1 Includes:

  • Vision and Mission Exercises
  • Describe Your Tribe/Know Your Niche Handouts
  • Blank Life Wheel Worksheet for prioritizing your goals
  • 5-Star Goal-Setting System 10-page Workbook

MODULE 2: “Next-Level Time Keeps on Turnin’ – Use It Wisely”

You’ll be working smarter, not harder...

You will learn how to eliminate negative stress from your life, by applying the 0/20 Principle and effective scheduling techniques.  You’ll be working smarter, not harder.   

(a)  “Forms, products, services, Signature Systems” Phone Session (80/20 Principle, Schedule & Prioritize time, develop as needed) 

(b)  “Eliminate Negative Stress” Phone Session (don’t forget time for Family, Friends, and Fun)                     

Module 2 Includes:

  • Negative Stress Handout – self-awareness tips for staying healthy
  • Forms required for a coaching business – Templates for client/coach Contract, Welcome Package, Client Information
  • SWOT Analysis – Measurement for Success Tool

MODULE 3: “Make Your Next-Level Networking Work”

You want to network for two reasons – it’s not about selling.

(a)  “How To Build Relationships” Phone Session – people do business with experts they know, like and trust
(b)   Networking Follow-ups” Phone Session – Learn how to conduct networking follow-ups to keep them liking & trusting you

Module 3 Includes:

  • Networking Message – Template and Script
  • Networking Follow-up – Template and Script

MODULE 4: “Next-Level Marketing - Irresistible Messaging"

You need to craft the message you want your tribe to see...

“Next-Level Marketing – Irresistible Message + Inspired Method”

You need to craft the message you want your tribe to see, including a call to action. You must make them see you and appreciate you as the expert.

(a)  “Irresistible Message” Phone Session – What do you want to say to your tribe that will make them want to work with you?         

Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

(b)  “Inspired Method” Phone Session eg – Social Media; HT; LT; Digital; Presentations; Groups; Blogs; Ezines; Podcasts; Videos; Webinars

Module 4 Includes:

  • Where can I find my Tribe, and What Do I Want Them To Know?
  • Marketing Your Coaching Business Handout
  • Marketing Plan Template

MODULE 5: “Next-Level Sales Without Selling”

Overcome your fear of selling and become a client magnet...

Overcome your fear of selling and become a client magnet and conversion specialist – a closing machine!

(a) “Effective Closing Script” Phone Session – developing personalized script
(b) “Overcoming Objections” Phone Session – be ready with responses to blocks and objections that might arise

Module 5 Includes:

  • Templates and scripts for closing conversations
  • Templates and scripts for overcoming objections

MODULE 6: “Celebrate Next-Level Successes!”

Taking time to focus on the positives of your own growth...

Taking time to focus on the positives of your personal and business growth helps you to transition to the next phase of your continuing growth.

(a)  “Acknowledge and Celebrate Successes” Phone Session, big and small!
(b)  “Measure Growth” Phone Session (Now vs Starting); Plan Next Steps

Module 6 Includes:

  • Success Measurement Handout



  •  Business-Building Phone Sessions – 2 x Monthly Personal 1:1 with me, (12 in total), as you take action AND recognize and eliminate self-sabotage along the way (calls will be recorded and emailed to you for your future  review, as desired)
  •  SOS Support Calls – 15 minute maximum, twice per month, for additional support  as needed
  • Unlimited Accountability emails – to help you stay focused, and on track, and to discuss your progress on your business and/or personal life

This program combines handouts, checklists, assessments, worksheets, workbooks, scripts, audios, emails and private coaching time


     Facebook Group Membership (if available)

     Invitation to Mastermind With A Mentor Coach Groups (facilitated by me)                                                   

Right now, get your calendar and go to the Scheduler in the bottom right corner, and schedule an appointment for a 45-60 minute complimentary “Get Up Off Your ASSets” Exploration/Strategy Telephone Session with me, and I’ll send you a complete list of the “Top 10 Strategies for Type-A Coaches to Overcome Perfection and/or Procrastination”.    

How many of these strategies can you apply to expanding your coaching business?

I’m holding 6 spots open for these “Get Up Off Your ASSets” Sessions!  

                                          Don’t Procrastinate!  

                      This is the transformation you have been waiting for!!  

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******AND – When you have completed this program, you will be ready for:



Don’t stop now! Finding the ways to take your business to another level and taking the required actions through planned methodologies defines your continued coaching business success

 (A)  Develop More Products/Services/Signature Systems
Start Using Multiple Marketing Strategies
 (C)  Systematize
 (D)  How to Build Your Team / Outsourcing

Nan  – Life is Great!


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