The To-Do List, the Task List – Bad Vibes

We all have them. Those lists of things we know we “should” do (and very often don’t want to).

Regardless of whether we work outside of the home or in the home or both, we make lists of all those tasks that are going to take us through our day.

We have our workday lists and our home project lists, shopping lists – for groceries, sales, services and products, wish lists – the lists go on and on.

And then, once we make up our lists, we prioritize them. Sometimes we organize them geographically, to save travel time and gas. Sometimes we organize them by “needs” or “deadlines”, “must haves” or “must dos”. 

And doesn’t it give us such great pleasure to check off the things on our lists as we complete them? Perhaps you’re one of those people who does things that aren’t on the List and then add them in, so they can cross them off!

We are driven by our lists of things “To Do” that cause stress and frustration and overwhelm in our lives. We live on the vibration of negative energies, always focused on our problems.

We are so focused on Doing that we forget about Being – and that’s what puts our lives out of balance and off-kilter.

Something’s Missing –  What About the “To Be” List? – Good Vibes

What if we focus on ourselves and thinking about how we want to “be” in the world?

How many of us put time on our Calendars daily, weekly, monthly, annually – for Self?

How much time to we devote to awareness of how we are living and showing up through our beliefs, values, behaviours, thoughts and feelings?

How many of us have a Vision for our personal life and have created goals and action steps toward success as a person, such as helping and being kind and respectful to others?

How much time do we spend thinking about and expressing Gratitude for all that we are, have and do?

When we live a purposeful, mindful, intentional life, good things happen. When we focus energy on the things that really matter, such as the quality of life that we choose for ourselves, good things happen.  

We can be driven by “To Dos” and “Tasks” and negative energy to solve our problems or we can be driven by mindful intentions that keep us focused on the positive way to find solutions, living on positive vibrations and attracting everything that we need to succeed.

Remember that what we focus on we manifest. By focusing on the positive aspects of a problem, on the solution instead of the problem, we manifest the solution.

Which vibration levels do you choose?


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